Sarah Cumming -
The über hot blonde Network 7 news reader!

Adelaide's best kept secret is now a national phenomenon! Following the inclusion of the head-turning news reader Sarah Cumming on the 2010 summer edition of Network 7's juggernaut morning show Sunrise, there has been a frantic activity on the net with awe-struck viewers trying to find out more about the blonde bombshell! Unfortunately, Sarah was sidelined when the regulars returned following their summer break.

This caused a massive backlash by the devoted viewers many of whom pleaded (including this web site) with the Seven Network to bring her back in a more permanent role. It seems the network listened and our prayers came true as Sarah can nowadays often be seen nationally as the newsreader on the Weekend Sunrise program, in particular on Saturdays. We orf course looking forward to the 2011 summer edition of Sunrise as we hope that Sarah again will be a part of the team.

Here is some basic info on this petite stunner with the highly infectious smile: Sarah Cumming is a general news reporter with Seven News in Adelaide. However, she actually started her career in sunny north Queensland, working as a journalist for DMG Regional Radio.

Sarah covered many stories on the Great Barrier Reef and the sugar industry. She also discovered one of her favourite travel destinations in the world: The Whitsundays.

Sarah also gained experience as a newsreader with Southern Cross Ten in Canberra, before moving home to Adelaide where she helped launch new radio station NOVA 919.

She completed a Journalism degree at the University of South Australia, majoring in International Relations.




Here is the fantastic outfit that got "gramps" Neil Mitchell's knickers in a knot...
What's wrong with you Mitchell? Looks great to us!
Good on you Sarah!
Don't listen to old grumpy wankers - keep the hot outfits coming and keep up the great work!

Radio talk show host and all round wowser Neil Mitchell recently accused Sarah of "showing too much" cleavage on TV!!! Mitchell hosts one of the nation's most popular radio talk shows on Melbourne station 3AW and he was reacting to on-air comments raised by the breakfast show's producer Nicole Denton. (Denton is presumably not as well endowed as Sarah and perhaps her outburst was motivated by jealousy...?) 

Anyway, in his response, Mitchell proceeded to haul the Channel 7 hottie over the coals blasting her on his morning show, saying the outfit was "very un-television". As a result, the  Network 7 officials said her wardrobe would be monitored more closely in future. THANKS A LOT NEIL - YOU WANKER!

On a happier note, the station's listeners have reacted strongly against "granpa" Mitchell's outburst with comments such as: "She has great puppies, so why hide them in a kennel?"

Please join us in our campaign to tell Mitchell what we think of his wowser views in regards to the amazing Sarah Cumming. Write him a note to give him a piece of your mind here>>

Or, even better, download an Official Listener Complaint form here and send it in to 3AW

Check out the video/recording of the segment from the 3AW Breakfast show here and make sure to check out the listeners' comments below the article.

Here is another blog page on this subject on the 3AW website where they have actually even featured a "screenshot" of this web site claiming it "shows the newsreader knows how to dress more conservatively".  To hell with that we say - we LOVE the new wardrobe direction and from our feedback, we know A LOT of other viewers do too!

Here is the link to the Herald Sun artcicle>>>


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